Message To Google

Update – another day later. What happened Google? Did the shiny new ‘App’ turn out to be very much less than expected? Could the NHS not access the data? Oh Dear. Fortunately, most of us with any sense now ignore everything the BJ tosspots say:

Update – 1 day later. It’s new, it’s shiny, you haven’t heard about it – but Google would like you to find out about something called: ‘Exposure Notifications System’:

What is it? Too much light on your photographs? Too much lying naked on the UK’s ever-so-sunny beaches. You’re probably right – it’s just more shite from the ‘Government’.

Hi Google WooHoo!
Do you swallow ALL of the crap that the current bunch of fools called the ‘UK Government’ trot out – including the infamous ‘World Beating App’?