Spreading dismay and alarm – BJ’s Bozos – the UK Government.

From the BBC:
‘Badly designed’
Luke Redpath, a developer who is familiar with the Apple Google API (Application Programming Interface), has some sympathy with the NHS team, feeling the tech giants need to shoulder some of the blame: “This is as much down to a badly designed API in the first place.”
The API is, in a nutshell, a framework which enables different apps to talk to each other.
Luke also said that upgrading the app to use the newest version of the API could prove challenging, because it could end up excluding even more phones.
But he thinks there is still a way to give people reassurance in the short term.
“They could improve the situation greatly by improving the user experience in the app. You could display something that makes it clear that, yes, we received the potential exposure, but we’ve verified it and it’s nothing to worry about.”
Having received one of the alerts himself, Luke understands how troubling they can be: “It even made me feel anxious – and I’m a developer.”
Overall, the NHS Covid-19 app has had a successful launch, with more than 14 million downloads in its first week. But if one of its aims is to alert people to the risks they face and change their behaviour, then surely ending alerts which confuse and worry them must be a priority.